Ziaur Rahman, Bir Uttam, is a war veteran who became the president of Bangladesh and traversed the nation preaching progress, hard work and pragmatic policies. 

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… Zia had been one of South Asia’s most promising leaders, a man who lived modestly while others chose corruption, who searched tirelessly for solutions to his country’s awesome poverty.

— Time Magazine, 8 June 1981


Ziaur Rahman arrives at Iran on official visit

President Ziaur Rahman pays an official visit to Iran on 4 October 1978.

Comrade-in-arms Major Hafiz recalls Zia’s war effort

Major Hafiz Uddin Ahmed Bir Bikrom is a freedom fighter of Z-Force where Ziaur Rahman was the commander. He recalled their days during the liberation war.

Ziaur Rahman casts his vote in 1978 election

President Ziaur Rahman casting his vote in the presidential elections.