UN Secretary General on Zia’s death

U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim sent a message to Acting President Abdus Sattar on May 30, 1981, over an urgent cable through United Nations Information Center, Dhaka.

The message reads:

Mr. President,

I wish to express to you and through you to the Government and people of Bangladesh my horror and grief at the tragedy which has engulfed Bangladesh with the violent death of President Ziaur Rahman.

I recall vividly my recent visit to Bangladesh and the conversations I had with the late President as well as his earlier visit to United Nations Headquarters. The Governnent and people of Bangladesh have lost a wise ruler, and the world, an outstanding statesman.

I wish to express to you, Mr. President and through you to the widow and
family of the late President my profound condolences in this tragic hour.

The message was personally authorized by the Secretary-General himself.

A copy of the message is archived here at UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim’s message on Ziaur Rahman’s death.

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