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  • Foreign policy under Ziaur Rahman

    Foreign policy under Ziaur Rahman

    Mohammad Amjad Hossain Yesterday May 30 was President Ziaur Rahman’s 27th anniversary of death. On the occasion, one feels it worth to recall his foreign policy among other achievements. When Ziaur Rahman took over on April 21, 1977, he not only consolidated his power base but also made foreign policy dynamic. Initially, he had made […]

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  • Analysis: The Garments Takeoff

    Analysis: The Garments Takeoff

    Mushtaq Husain Khan [This article is extracted from a working paper of Professor Mushtaq Husain Khan of SOAS University of London to allow the readers to understand the story of Bangladesh’s RMG industry in the late 1970s and the role of Ziaur Rahman] The growth of the ready-made garments industry in Bangladesh has often been […]

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  • Ziaur Rahman: The man who gave us our identity

    Ziaur Rahman: The man who gave us our identity

    When President Ziaur Rahman was killed, he was only 45. But within this short life span he contributed enormously to Bangladesh. His catalytic role in initiating the mass revolt among Bengali members of the armed-forces after the brutal military crackdown of 25th March 1971, and his contribution as a military leader of Bangladesh’s war of […]

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