OIC Resolution calls Zia a ‘Martyr’

The Twelfth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers was held in Baghdad of Iraq from June 1-5, 1981. President Zia’s news of death came right before the inauguration of the conference and within days the foreign ministers of Islamic countries passed a special resolution on the death of Ziaur Rahman to commemorate his achievements and efforts as the leader of Bangladesh.


The Twelfth Islamic Foreign Ministers’ Conference held in Baghdad from 28 Rajab to 3 Sha’aban 1401 H (corresponding to 1-5 June, 1981);

Expresses deepest condolences at the tragic assassination of His Excellency President Zia Ur-Rahman of Bangladesh and the Vice-Chairman of the Islamic Conference by treacherous hands.

Recalls his immense contribution to the Islamic Ummah, his untiring efforts till his martyrdom to further the cause of peace and security of the Muslim countries in particular and of the world in general.

Notes with deep gratitude his unconditional devotion, based on his firm conviction in the principles and objectives of the Organization of Islamic Conference, for the liberation of AlQuds Al-Sharif, particularly in his capacity as a member of the Summit committee of the Jerusalem committee and to bring about a peaceful solution of the armed conflict between the two countries of Iraq and Iran, as a member of the Islamic Peace Commission.

Considers His Excel1ency President Ziaur Rahman as an outstanding Islamic personality who during his lifetime had dedicated his entire energy to the upliftment of the people of Bangladesh by providing them a sense of direction and unity of purpose, and to further strengthening of Islamic solidarity.

Recalls the importance of the commitment to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of states, either directly or indirectly, including respect of their sovereignty and territorial integrity and their political, economic and social systems.

Assures the Government and the people of Bangladesh full support of the Organization of Islamic Conference at this tragic moment of their history, and in maintenance of their independence and total sovereignty, defence of their legitimate interests and the Islamic spiritual, moral, social and economic values of their peoples in fulfillment of the efforts of the martyred President Zia-Ur-Rahman.

The Resolution No. 1/12 OR.G.is available on the website of Organization for Islamic Cooperation and is archived at Web Archive.

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