Month: July 2011

  • French agree to help build Nuclear power plant in Bangladesh

    French agree to help build Nuclear power plant in Bangladesh August 30 1980 Reuters, Paris

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  • Bangladesh begin drive to encourage Birth Control

    Bangladesh begin drive to encourage Birth Control

    William Borders, New York Times (September 30, 1976) Under the direction of the stern military Government that has been in control for the last 10 months, Bangladesh has just drawn up its first comprehensive national population policy and is sending thousands of workers into the marshy countryside to carry it out. Among Dacca’s sizable community […]

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  • Bangladesh Wooing Businesses

    James P. Sterba, The New York Times (April 9, 1979) After an unsuccessful experiment with socialized industry, Bangladesh has begun courting private enterprise, both foreign and domestic, in an effort to stimulate its economic growth and development. Offering an almost inexhaustible supply of the world’s cheapest labor, abundant supplies of natural gas, virtually untapped seafood […]

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  • Economic Hope For Bangladesh

    Economic Hope For Bangladesh

    Kevin Rafferty, New York Times (October 10, 1976) Which Asian country last year achieved double‐digit economic growth? It was certainly not Japan, which is still staggering out of recession and was thankful to turn in a positive 2 percent growth after a 1.2 percent shrinkage in 1974. Nor was it Singapore or Malaysia or any […]

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  • Bangladesh raises food output halving its food import over five years

    Bangladesh raises food output halving its food import over five years

    James P Sterba, New York Times (26 February 1979) Despite marginal success in controlling its population growth, Bangladesh has cut its foreign food‐aid requirements in half during the last five years, and Govern. meat leaders are talking optimistically about achieving self‐sufficiency in food by 1985. Most experts on foreign aid have been sceptical about whether […]

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  • Bangladesh Recovers calm after political upheaval

    Bangladesh Recovers calm after political upheaval

    William Borders, New York Times (December 7, 1975) One month after the latest political convulsion in this critically poor country, calm has returned to its daily life as the ruling military junta moves toward relaxing its strict control. In the overcrowded marshy countryside, where a relatively good rice harvest is just getting underway, the armed […]

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  • Poor But Hopeful: Bangladesh has not collapsed, after all

    Kevin Rafferty, The New York Times (February 29, 1976) Bangladesh is not merely poor, it is the poorest of developing countries, but for the first time in its five years of independence, there is hope for a better future. The change has come unexpectedly because, following the assassination last August of Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the […]

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  • Bangladesh: Since independence, just failure

    Bangladesh: Since independence, just failure

    WILLIAM BORDERS, The New York Times (November 9, 1975) At a high‐level White House meeting nearly four years ago, Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson, trying to explain to his colleagues what a grim future faced Bangladesh, described the new nation as an “international basket case.” Since then, life in Bangladesh has worsened: And there is no […]

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  • Zia That I Knew: A Flashback

    May 27, 2009 at 12:30 AM By Abu Obaid Chowdhury from New York, USA Following my defection from Pakistan Army in 1971 and after being cleared by the Indian and Mujibnagar authorities, I was posted to ‘Z Force’ of Lt Col Ziaur Rahman in the eastern theater of Bangladesh liberation war. The nearly 20-day journey […]

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  • President Zia is assassinated: Time

    Time Magazine (June 08, 1981) Ten years ago this spring, young Major Ziaur Rahman broadcast an electrifying message from a clandestine radio in the East Pakistan city of Chittagong, proclaiming a rebellion against West Pakistan that ultimately created the nation of Bangladesh. Late last week there was another voice on the radio from Chittagong, announcing […]

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